With more than 13 years dedicated to the elevation sector, it began its activity in 1988 with the manufacture of manoeuvres using programmable logic controllers (PLC). Since then, our eagerness to improve has evolved along with the needs of the market, until 2 and a half years ago we acquired the manufacture and commercialisation of the manoeuvres represented by AKO.

Today, a dynamic, young and innovative company, together with an unbeatable technical service, make the loyalty of our customers our best and most satisfactory presentation.

  LOCATION: C/ Compositor Beethoven, 35 nave nº 5 Pol. Ind. Can Jardí, 08191, Rubí (Barcelona)
  PHONE: +34 935 86 07 40
  WEB: edelsl.com
  PRODUCTS: Mechanical kits for lift shaft, Alarm devices, magnetic detectors, Control boards and electric pre-instalat, Push button panel, Componentes de señalización, Power cables, Infrared systems for elevator doors, Displays, Push buttons, signal lights, key switche, Voice synthesizers, Telephony