Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón

The Technological Institute of Aragón is a benchmark research centre; with a line of technological specialisation in the lift, with a joint offer for this sector and with specific accreditations, facilities and recognitions for the sector.

Since 1999, the Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón has been developing a wide range of comprehensive services for the lift industry in matters related to R&D, product design and development, testing and approval. The existence of a wide range of services and specific facilities such as the test tower for complete lifts, together with its own lines of research and development, have established the relationship with the sector and have allowed the Centre to continue advancing in this line.

With all this, the ultimate objective is the creation of a sectorial support centre for lift companies capable of carrying out all types of projects related to R&D and product design and development, ranging from the calculation phase, initial validation and functional tests to the performance of the necessary tests for the homologation of safety components.

  LOCATION: c/María de Luna 7, 50018, Zaragoza
  PHONE: +34 976 010 000
  PRODUCTS: Consulting. Engeneering.