MERak, engineering company specialized in telecommunications and IT services.

The constant evolution in the telecommunications sector and IT knowledge encounters in MERak the perfect combination, we create innovating products that fulfill the actual needs of any technological requirement for companies.

MERak gives personalized services of telecommunications and IT consulting, and the development and realization of complete projects. From a research of your communication needs until a setup of a new computer management system, Internet connection, web developing, e-commerce, computer networks or custom software.

One of our specialties is the vertical transport sector. Over 15 years of experience in the vertical transport field and a development department dedicated exclusively to develop products to the elevator’s world have become in the creation of serviTest, the only elevator emergency system that can manage the rescue alarms and overall management of the elevators maintenance company.

Av Sarriá 67 bis, 08029 Barcelona
+34933 631 428
Alarm devices, magnetic detectors, Power cables, Voice synthesizers, Telephony