Nayar is a technological engineering company created in Spain fifteen years ago, with a current presence in 31 countries around the world (and physical headquarters in Spain and China), and with a firm investment commitment in new technological developments. Leaders in the sector of the elevation and experts in offering solutions in Internet of Things industrial, its experience and professional trajectory have made it an ally, in a technological partner, it transforms the data of the facilities into information understandable to the user, it works for the accessibility of the knowledge and for the technological diffusion; all this with a high degree of adaptability and compatibility. The objective of Nayar Systems by establishing itself as a partner and making its technological knowledge available to third companies is to support them in their technological evolution and to help them achieve excellence.
Location: Avenida Casalduch 9, 12005, Castellón de la Plana, España.
Phone: +34 964 066 995
  • Global solutions for the elevator operator.
  • Compliance with EN81-28:2018.
  • Telemetry and remote control services.
  • Custom projects.
  • IoT consulting.
  • Development of IoT platforms and devices.