Our Sponsors

In order to fulfil AECAE’s purpose as an organisation, we want to rely on companies that supply products and services of different kinds. We believe that collaboration is key in future times. That is why the figure of the Sponsor is especially important for AECAE.

The sponsoring companies that sign an agreement with AECAE have the right to:

  • The sponsoring companies can participate in the face to face events and in the monthly online technical meetings organized by AECAE and make product presentations to their associates.
  • Advertising on the web (www.aecae.com) where the logo and link to the company’s website are included. The logo is also included in any other printed or multimedia support.An annual Online Space to communicate new products.
  • Making communications to the Associates through the Association.
  • Participate in the events organized by AECAE.
  • Attendance at Online Technical Meetings.Organize product presentations.
  • Preference to participate as sponsors of Congresses or other activities organized by AECAE.